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Exceptional customer service is the building block of any growing business today, and the vast amount of data available from these businesses remains underutilized. Our NLP services can analyze the unabridged data available from customers and mold it into intelligence that will help you improve customer retention and increase revenue.

From personalized search results to chatbots and virtual assistants, OcularIT’s Natural Language Processing services help organizations identify customer’s intent through all communication channels.

Our Solutions

We Offer End-to-end ML Services

Using the classification Machine Learning model and self-service BI, OcularIT can help organizations in the areas of improper payments, invoice to payments reconciliation and fraud detection.
Customer Sentiment Analysis

Our custom solutions “allows you to mine socials, review platforms, and other important sources.” Use sentiment analysis solution to gain better visibility into the customer experience. “Automatically interpreting hidden meanings behind tons of texts you’ll easily detect your audience’s moods and benefit from it.”

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Entity Extraction

We enable businesses to automate free-form text analysis and extract relevant content from multiple data sources. “Streamline Your Manual Data Extraction And Contract Analytics With An Enterprise-Ready AI.”

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Sentiment Analysis

Customer Feedback Analysis

As complex as human emotions and languages are, OcularIT consultants can design and implement NLP based models that infer the right context and undertone to gauge consumer sentiment as they interact with your organization. Effective sentiment analysis can aid in reducing customer attrition through timely corrective service or it can be proactively used to formulate emerging business strategies, generate leads, build marketing campaigns and open up new avenues for growth.

If you’ve tried using different marketing strategies but you’re still not getting the profit you want, switch to OcularIT Solutions and get a data-based strategy tailored for more brand insights.

Don’t just focus on the words.

Identify the intent.

OcularIT consultants model human languages to recognize the underlying meaning behind the words said or the actions performed. Raised eyebrows? Find out how.

Entity Extraction

Extract, Find & Analyze Data

Organizations generate huge stacks of unstructured data that is information-rich, but largely ineffective. Entity recognition allows businesses to automate free-form text analysis and extract relevant content from multiple data sources. This aids the decision-making process, improves customer support, helps personalize search algorithms, and more in a fast, cost-efficient manner.

OcularIT can help you highlight key negative phrases in customer communications. We can help you identify message segments where the speaker tone was negative and create an overall sentiment score of the call transcript. This data can then be collated and analyzed to get an overall sentiment profile of customers in a dashboard.


Our Technical Capabilities

Run your project knowing that we build your software with the latest technologies and techniques to ensure scalability, stability, and reduced maintenance.

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Overwhelmed with masses of data?

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“Can’t translate it into meaningful insights about your business’ strengths and weaknesses? Make use of bespoke NLP models for customer feedback analysis.”


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“Looking for ways to get to know your audience better and see eye to eye with them?”

“Our NLP API mines text data from social media channels for actionable insights. If you’re ready to capitalize on “Learn who your target audience is – their age, gender, location, nationality, language, and interests.”

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