Neil Jones
Neil Jones
President & CEO
Founded on teamwork

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With partners and clients, we leverage strategy, design, development, and engineering to harness the power of technology and create what’s next.

OcularIT Solutions was founded in 2015 with the vision of pairing design and technology to drive innovation in the emerging digital economy. Neil Jones, our founder, imagined multi-disciplinary teams coming together to solve challenges for today and tomorrow, leveraging the best talent and technology in the process.

As OcularIT continues to grow, we remain committed to integrated teams, truly collaborative teamwork, and honing the combination of creative and technical consulting.

Neil Jones

President & CEO

Our Organizational Culture

Our organizational culture reflects the application of our ethical standards and Core Values to the constituencies with whom we interact. We offer entrepreneurial innovators an open and collaborative working environment that is agile and encourages experimentation with bleeding-edge ideas and technologies. We firmly believe that in order to achieve and maintain business success, it is crucial to have a diverse work environment that is made up of highly motivated individuals.

Our Mission
Our Mission
``Our mission is to transform customers’ ideas into profitable and outstanding solutions.``
Our Vision
Our Vision
We create, innovate and integrate to help customers produce their products and services better, faster, safer, and at a greater value.
Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Together let's build the future! Human capital in today’s enterprises is vital to its success and we understand how challenging it can be to attract and retain top talent in a global marketplace that changes so rapidly. Providing high-paying salaries and quality benefits packages are important to have but we believe top performers seek out organizations with values that match their own and desire to work in environments that offer a plethora of information and opportunities to develop and thrive.

With partners and clients, we leverage strategy, design, development, and engineering to harness the power of technology and create what's next.

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Our Core Values

Understanding and responding to our customer needs is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. Our core values are the foundation of OcularIT Solutions. They define what we as a team, family and organization stands for and brings to light our standards and benchmarks for work behaviors, skills and mindset.
  • Teamwork

    We firmly believe teamwork is an essential ingredient to achieving and maintaining business success. Our business teams drive innovation, employee engagement and create a number of competitive advantages. We've instilled an "open-door" policy in the work place to ensure communication and coordination challenges are always open throughout our firm.

  • Quality & Accountability

    We strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner that conforms to the highest standards of ethical behavior, integrity and honesty. We are accountable for everything we do, or fail to do. We take ownership of our actions and make a positive commitment to avoid ethical lapses.

  • The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom

    The founders of OcularIT Solutions firmly believes that their success is all due thanks to the grace and glory of God. Relationships don't work without honesty and this is why the 10 Commandments, integrity and trust are the three main ingredients that make up the lifeblood of the company. We believe this reflects our commitment to quality and the long-term partnerships we build with our clients and employees.


Commitment to our Customers, Employees and Partners!

The OcularIT approach begins by understanding our clients’ specific business needs, their unique work environment and their strategic direction not only on a technological level but also on the business level.
Adaptive & Agile Methodologies

Our Adaptive Agile Methodologies quickly place solutions into the hands of users & operators. The result is that working prototypes can be field tested in weeks or months, not years.

Process Driven

One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is being agile in reacting to rapidly evolving business conditions without sacrificing security or compliance.

Open Source Solutions Focused

Organizations leverage OcularIT consultants because of their expertise in applying Open Source technologies to solve complex federal, state and local government challenges.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our deep federal, state, and local government domain expertise when combined with our embrace of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, results in a team of multi-talented resources that deliver high-value, measurable results rapidly, securely, and cost-effectively.

Effective Partnerships

Where we lack expertise, we reach out to our partners and are able to bring in the skill and talent needed to address our customer challenges. In doing so, we take full responsibility to deliver a successful customer solution and take the burden off the customer to deal with multiple entities to solve any given challenge.

CMMI Level III Aligned

Our CMMI Level III aligned Adaptive Agile Methodology is adaptive because it is flexible enough to incorporate customer specific development standards while ensuring compliance with the CMMI Level III requirements.

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Our Community Impact

Corporate Responsibility

OcularIT Solutions appreciates its corporate social responsibility to the community we live in and the world that we are part of. It is however not our policy to highlight our social commitments.

Corporate Social Responsibility and principles of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) are fundamental to our culture and core values. These values reflect the corporate social and environmental sustainability commitments we make to our clients, stakeholders, employees and communities where we do business around the world.

  • Corporate Environmental Policy

    We are committed to protecting the environment and controlling the usage of resources in manufacturing and related activities through continuous improvement of environmental protection. To achieve these goals, environmental management programs will comply with relevant environmental legislation rules and regulations prescribed by the cities, states and countries of our plants. The environmental management systems will define objectives and targets for prevention and reduction of pollution in manufacturing, and related processes to safeguard adverse impact on the environment.

  • VPAT Accessibility

    OcularIT Solutions document the accessibility status of all of our products and services using the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). There is one OcularIT Solutions VPAT to document the conformance of all relevant OcularIT Solutions products and services. VPAT is a tool used to document a product's conformance with the accessibility standards under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The purpose of the VPAT is to assist Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial Electronic and Information Technology products and services with features that support accessibility.

Our Technical Capabilities

Using the Right Technologies

Data Science Consulting

Python, Google cloud platform, TensorFlow, Keras, OR, Scala, Flask, PyTorch, Learn, AWS, Kafka.

Data Engineering Services

AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Jupyter Notebook, sqlalchemy, pymysql, paramiko, sshtunnel, Kafka.

Data Analytics

Jupyter Notebook, pyspark, boto3, botocore, numpy, Pandas, sqlalchemy, pymysql, paramiko, sshtunnel, PostgresSQL, MySQL.

Machine learning for Finance

Jupyter Notebook, sqlalchemy, pymysql, paramiko, sshtunnel, matplotlib, sklearn.

Natural Language Processing

Jupyter Notebook, numpy, Pandas, Snorkel, TextBlob, nltk, Sklearn, spacy, sqlalchemy, pymysql, paramiko, sshtunnel.

Business Intelligence

Power BI, Tableau, Microstrategy.


What Our Customers Have To Say!

Know what our esteemed clients/customers have to say about us in the area of POS management, systems, software, & customized tools.

How we Work with Clients & Partners

Our Adaptive Agile Methodology minimizes risks by developing software in sprints, in which each sprint is a miniature software project of its own, and includes all the tasks necessary to release the mini-increment of new functionality:


Vision of System Capabilities

OcularIT provides the project sponsor and end user community an early view of the system capabilities.


Manageable System Builds

OcularIT decomposes a highly complex task into manageable builds.


Leverages Lessons Learned

OcularIT processes integrates knowledge management including lessons learned to later product builds.


Maintains Project Momentum

What is each team member going to accomplish until the next Scrum meeting? Keeps resources on track.


Process Management

Our Adaptive Agile processes provide a structure for managing and tracking project & process progress.


Adds Flexibility

OcularIT’s Adaptive Agile processes supports continuous input & requirement revisions which allow us to be innovative in solutions development while meeting emerging client needs.


Whatever Your Business Problem is, We’re Part of the Solution.


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